Prior approval is required from your supervisor for:
  • Overtime accrual
  • Holiday leave use/accrual
  • Business Travel
  • Annual leave
  • Leave without pay
  • Compensatory leave use/accrual
  • Community Service leave.

Faculty and Exempt Classified Staff should complete leave slip and Non-Exempt Classified Staff should complete a time sheet and submit to the Anatomy and Neurobiology business office (12-048) before annual, holiday, business travel (requires completed travel authorization), compensatory and community service leave is used.  All staff should have supervisor sign their leave slip before submitting to the business office.

For sick leave:

Complete leave slip (Faculty and Exempt Classified) and submit to the Anatomy and Neurobiology business office (12-048) on the first day you return to work.  Non-Exempt Classified staff should include sick leave on their signed Non-Exempt Classified time sheet and submit to the business office (12-048) at the end of their work week. For sick leave that will extend beyond 40 hours please notify the Anatomy and Neurobiology Business office (12-048).



Lost or Stolen Card
Immediately Contact
VCU Card Program Administrator @
828-4232 and Bank of America @ 1-888-449-2273.

Starting September 15, 2010 the original statement is required for any statement period during which charges are made. If the statement is not received by cardholder, the cardholder will need to contact Bank of America to obtain a duplicate (1-888-449-2273). Statements will not be sent to cardholders if there are no charges for that statement period, at that time the PDF print out from the Bank of America website will be required. 

In order to be in compliance with university policy the corporate card log has changed, below are the links to an Adobe file, a Word file and an Excel file. Please delete any previous logs that have been saved.


Adobe PDF


Bank of America website (PDF print out required for statement period with no charges)

As a reminder, Corp Card reconciliation, original credit card statements and supporting receipts are due 10 days after the statement ends.

Tax is not allowable on the Corporate Card, if vendor intends to charge tax card holder should provide vendor with "Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption" .  



Order request forms must be completed and signed by the PI or designee before orders will be placed by the business office staff. If PI will be out of the office, the PI must email the business office staff (OwensFogg, Wallace ) the name of the designee and we will process orders in your absence.

Remind your lab staff that orders submitted to the business office without PI or designee approval will be returned to the PI for approval. 

Once the purchase order number has been assigned, the completed Departmental Purchase Order Form should be submitted to the business office within 24 hours of placing the order.  



Furniture purchases from vendors other than the Virginia Correctional Enterprise must have a signed release from Virginia Correctional Enterprise.  Furniture (including chairs & filing cabinets) is ordered from the Anatomy and Neurobiology business office. Please see the business office staff for all furniture orders.




All orders over $7,200 (including shipping charges) must be submitted to University Purchasing with Sole Source Documentation or three quotes (unless on state contract).  Submit completed and signed Departmental Purchase Order Form with required attachments to the Anatomy and Neurobiology business office.

Orders will be forwarded to University Purchasing for buyer assignment and processing. Please allow at least 30 days for processing of all orders that exceed $7,200.



All requests for Petty Cash Reimbursement require the Department Administrator's approval and should be verified prior to purchasing goods. As of November 3, 2002 the Sanger Hall cashier's office closed, all reimbursements will be processed using a purchase order.  Purchase orders will not be processed until the minimum reimbursement amount of $25.00 has been reached. 

All requests for petty cash must include original receipt signed by PI or designee. We will no longer process petty cash reimbursements without the PI or designee signature on the Departmental Purchase Order Form. Remind your lab staff that if receipts for petty cash are submitted to the Anatomy and Neurobiology business office without proper signatures, we will return the receipts to the to PI for approval. 



Packing slips should be initialed, dated and submitted to the Anatomy and Neurobiology business office with in 24 hours of receipt.



If items are returned to the vendor a return authorization number should be obtained from the vendor and noted on the packing slip.  Return authorization numbers insure that proper credit is received for returned goods.

In order to keep the return process manageable and allow for prompt payment or credit, when there is a return/replacement please coordinate with the Anatomy and Neurobiology business office staff to see if the original order was on a requisition. Purchasing requires notification of any changes on the requisitions that involve an increase in price before the item is returned and reasons as to why the item was returned/replaced.

Also for your protection, be sure that you always obtain a return authorization number on all returns and promptly forward that information to the Anatomy and Neurobiology business office staff. Once the return authorization number has been received we can follow up with the vendor and accounts payable to be certain that returned/replaced items are credited promptly. It is easier and quicker to obtain credits before the vendor receives payment than refunds after payment has been received by the vendor.



Submission of a completed leave slip is required for each trip where Virginia Commonwealth University business is being conducted. This includes trips such as speaking engagements being paid for by the host institution or service on study sections. The School of Medicine Guidelines and Procedures for Disclosure, Approval and Reporting of Outside Professional Activities mandates that all faculty business travel be documented. (link to


A Request for Travel Authorization (TA) is required for all travel, even if there is no cost to VCU. For staff or students, the TA should include your supervisor's signature. All requests should be submitted to the business office prior to departure with a completed leave slip (faculty and staff only). Please note on the TA that the trip is No Cost Travel.


A Request for Travel Authorization should be fully completed, including supervisor's signature , and submitted to the business office a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to departure with a completed leave slip. Once the TA request is approved, the traveler will receive a copy and will then make their flight arrangements with Covington International Travel.

For any questions related to Travel, please see Sharon Toussaint.



Submit your time promptly. HR has implemented a new procedure that requires wage employees to wait until the next regular semi-monthly pay cycle to be paid if they do not submit their work hours by departmental deadlines so that timekeepers can key this information by Banner processing deadlines. A communication was sent go tall wage employees as well to remind them that failure to meet submission deadlines will result in late pay.

Timesheets submitted after deadline may result in delay of payment. Pay Periods end on the 9th and 24th of every month and timesheets are due prior to end of pay period.

Timesheets should include all hours worked during that pay period and not split between timesheets.

Timesheets require approval by supervisor prior to submission. If this is not possible to obtain signature before due date, note reason on bottom of time sheet and submit in accordance with schedule.

Submit amendments as soon as possible and note on timesheet that the time is being amended.


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